Thursday, May 29, 2008


Johanna sort of started waving "bye-bye" a couple of weeks ago but of course, won't do it when I try to show someone. Today we went to the pediatrician's office to have Johanna's tb test checked. When we were leaving past the check-in ladies at the front desk one of the said, "bye-bye." Without any prompting, Johanna picked up her arm and started waving.

We are hopefully through with the dr.s office now until Johanna's 1 year check up and more shots. She screamed today while just having the nurse look at her arm.

Some great news . . . some friends of mine, here in my hometown, got their son's birth certificate finally!! They have been out of PGN for about seven weeks. There son is close to 18 months now. It was really difficult for me to share my joy with them while they were still waiting so long. I am so happy for Mike, Glenda, Levi (also from Guatemala), and Caleb. Caleb should be home sometime next month!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Johanna has started making the "M" sound. She sometimes says "mamamamama" but doesn't say it to me yet. I know she will get it soon.

She saw her new pediatrician on Friday and we found out that what she had was hand, foot and mouth. Yes, even in her throat. Poor thing!! She has gotten over that but now has a cold. At least she can still eat with a cold.

My laptop is in the shop but as soon as I get it back I will post new pictures of my little princess.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ER X 2

2 . . . that is the number of times we were at the ER this week. Sunday Johanna took three naps. I think they totaled about 6 hours. She was also very clingy and wanted to be held all the time. Then she started crying. A LOT!! She had just cut another tooth on the bottom but I thought her behavior was still very odd. By evening I was very concerned because she would cough and then cry like it really hurt. Off to the ER we went. We had a child in daycare earlier that was diagnosed with strep throat and one with hand, foot and mouth. I was not taking any chances.

The ER wasn't busy and we were out in about an hour. That is VERY unusual for our ER. The dr. said Johanna seemed to have a little bronchitis and prescribed Zythomax. This was found after the chest x-ray which is the absolute worst thing I have ever seen!! I cried almost as much as Johanna during it.

Monday Johanna woke up with a wet diaper. Later she had a poopy one. That was it for the day. She wouldn't eat or drink. She wanted nothing in her mouth. She had a couple of tiny blisters in her mouth and then broke out in red spots on her legs, stomach, back and bottom. I finally made a call to the hospital to have the on-call ped call me. He said that if she hadn't had a wet diaper all day I needed to get her to the ER. Back we went.

This time they were busy. A different dr. was there this one moved much quicker than the dr. the previous night. We were there just over two hours. Johanna was not dehydrated but now had blisters in her throat. What do we do for that? Put Benedryl on a q-tip and put it on the blisters. Not and easy task.

Today is Wednesday and she seems to be doing much better. She has taken a bottle eaten some food and drank some Pedialyte. I am praying this is the last time she is sick until she can talk.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Girl On The Go

Johanna started "crawling" a week ago Wednesday. It isn't exactly crawling but she is on the move. She has one leg under her body and pushes with one foot. She is much happier now that she can get somewhere. Now if I could just get her to roll over.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sorry Blogland Friends

Guess what I found yesterday?? I had over 40 comments that I had to approve to be on my blog. LOL I thought they would be emailed to me. A few were but most were still sitting in "limbo" waiting for my approval. Well, I finally got them read and approved. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I'll be sure to check it daily now that I know how to do it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Johanna's BFF

The night of Johanna's baby shower we found out Brynn and her Mommy and Daddy are moving to our town. I don't know about Johanna, but I am pretty excited. I am already praying about Johanna's future friends and I want her to have friends from Christian families. Brynn is also adopted only she just came from Florida. Actually it is almost as far as Guatemala from here. Below are some pictures of Johanna and Brynn "playing" the night of the shower. I wish I could have video so you could hear Brynn's mommy Melany laughing through all this.

Hey Brynn!! Are you teething? Let me help.

Okay. If you don't want it in the mouth, how about the eye?

Let me try the mouth one more time.

Hello? Brynn? Are you in there? Open up!!

Hey Johanna! Where did you go?

Okay, we'll both play with our own toys.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally . . . Shower Pictures

I am finally getting pictures of Thursday night's babay shower on. YIPPEE!!! It has been a busy weekend with another shower Saturday night. I don't have pictures from that one. Johanna also got many gifts at church Sunday and a huge bag of awesome clothes that a friend's daughter had outgrown. I won't have to buy clothes for Johanna at all this summer.

Johanna and I were both surprised to have Brynn and her Mommy Melany at the shower.
It was a very pleasant surprise!!

Host Roz - She is the mother of Cooper.

Roz and Cooper

Host Jenny - She is the mother of Kaya and Addyson.

Kaya bringing a gift from the table to be opened

Johanna and I opening gifts

At the end of the evening Johanna had to have a bottle before heading home.
Addyson and Kaya helped feed her. No, she doesn't usually lay on her back while eating.

Friday, May 2, 2008


You're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see the pictures of our shower last night. I am going to use just one photo today for Favorite Foto Friday. This picture is of Johanna with two friends Addyson and Kaya. Their mom, Jenny was one of the hosts for the shower. Addyson and Kaya have both been in our daycare since they were tiny babies. They are like family now.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Tonight is the first of two showers Johanna and I are having. I am soooooooo excited!!! At my age I thought I would never go through this but . . . it's my turn!!! I will post pictures tomorrow. The other shower is Saturday evening.

Just a little while ago one of my daycare girls told me I was going to have to teach Johanna how to be a flower girl. I asked her if she was getting married so Johanna could be in her wedding. Kaya answered, "No. She will be in your wedding." Hmmmm!! Does she know something I don't? Is she speaking prophetically? Hmmmm.