Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Half and Half

No, this post isn't about cream. It is about a significant moment in mine and Johanna's life together. Today marks the day when Johanna has spent half her life away from me and half her life with me. Johanna was 8 months and 1 day when I first held her in my arms.

Johanna has grown a bunch since coming home and has learned so much. I am amazed at how smart she is. She will try to say almost anything I ask her to say. She also knows about 12 animal sounds. She loves books and can't get enough of me reading to her. I don't think I really knew what it would be like to love someone as much as I love her. This motherhood thing is so awesome!!! I thank God daily for the big change He has made in my life through giving me Johanna.

Johanna Faith,

Your Mommy loves you so very much. I know I tell you this several times a day and I hope and pray you really understand it. You have had such a positive impact on my life and the lives of others around us. I pray that you will grow to be a mighty woman of God and fulfil whatever God has in store for your future.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FFF - For Crying Out Loud

This weeks Favorite Foto Friday theme is "Crying Out Loud." I don't have many pictures of Johanna crying but not because she doesn't do her share. Be sure to look at yesterday's post, if you haven't already, to see the much happier Johanna.

Now, this is really "crying out loud." Grandma and Mommy were trying to get Johanna to show her latest feat, climbing onto the couch. Johanna wanted no part of it and let us know.

Happy Girl

Before tomorrow's Favorite Foto Friday I want you all to see that Johanna really is very happy. Not that I think you would think otherwise. LOL

Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday morning I was cleaning the bathroom. Johanna needed something to entertain herself while Mommy cleaned. She helped herself to the t.p.

Friday, November 7, 2008

FFF - Favorite Family Foto

This weeks Favorite Foto Friday theme is Favorite Family Foto. I don't have very many of Johanna and I together but below are two of my favorites. These pictures are from my pick-up trip. I am giving Johanna a bottle for the first time. I love looking back at these pictures. She was so little and cuddley. I can't believe how much she has grown!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My little pink poodle is ready to go trick-or-treating. We just went to a local nursing home and a cousin's house.

Trick-or-treating at one of the nursing homes. I forgot Johanna's pumpkin so a nurse gave us a bag to put the candy in.

This is what happened to Johanna's first pumpkin. The squirrels loved it!!!

This is my niece Brooklen. Her grandmother (not my mother) made her a flapper dress for Halloween. It is so cute!! Brooklen is 11 years old and is Johanna's closest first cousin in age.