Monday, July 27, 2009

She's 2 Years Old!!!

Johanna turned 2 years old on Thursday. We had her birthday party Friday night. She had Dora the Explorer decorations and a Dora cake. Guests were Grandma, Cousin Xaviera, Great Aunt and Uncle Stella and Willard, Uncle Lowell and Cousin Brooklen, and Cousins Jeremy, Ina, Chad and Kristina.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Miss USA

I know it has been way too long since I have posted on this blog. My laptop cord broke and it took over two weeks to get one that fit. I have lots to blog about so I will try to do a new post daily for awhile.
On Saturday, June 13 we got a letter from the USCIS stating that Johanna's citizenship had been approved. I was very excited!! We would have to drive to Wichita to pick up the certificate so we would do that at the end of our vacation. The first day of vacation we went to "Build-A-Bear" to make Johanna a red, white and blue doggy with USA clothes on.

Here we are in front of the USCIS office in Wichita with Johanna's "Certificate of Citizenship." Johanna is wearing her "Little Miss USA" outfit.